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Run! They are determinated to kill you! Avoid enemy vehicles, your only chance to survive is to escape from your chasers by finding the escape way. Buy a new car and set it up for optimize its performance by clicking on the workbench. Buy top class accessories by getting much money by collecting $ bonuses along the way. Alternatively you can get some money by selling your car accessories, but beware, you won’t get all the money you spent to buy them. Click on clipboard on the wall for accessing the top scores list. Start running by clicking on the garage door, your mission is to find the escape way and surviving from the enemy cars. Collect fuel bonuses and repair bonuses along the way, follow the road sign hints to find the right path.

Author: Play Free Games
Hit as many jumps and rails as you can before you reach the bottom of the run.

Author: VPI.Net
  Table Tennis
Play table tennis against the champions and try to beat them in this amazingly realistic game.

  OGC Open
Awesome 3d brower baswed golf simulation with multiplayer support. Create your own custom character and join the online community!

  High Dive
Select the height of the dive, the target from nine increasingly challenging levels, and push the Seriously Mixed Up Fruit off the diving board to meet their ultimate demise.

Matmi New Media Design
  Table Top Football
Pit your skills against the computer or a friend in this football videogame. More exciting than the real thing!

Author: Sky Sports
  Crash Course Football
Football gets automotive it this funny bumper-crunching game, so get in gear and get scoring.

  Jetix 3D Soccer
Nice online soccer game. Lace up your boots and take a chance to become a new star of world football!

Author: Jetix
It's a nice minigolf game set in fantasy locations. Putt the ball in as few shots as possible. Adjust the force and direction with the mouse.

Author: unknown
  Putt It In
It's Miniature Golf. Try to get the ball into the hole in as few swings as possible. Control your direction and power and navigate through a complete 18 hole course!
Author: Addicting Games
  Hummer Football 2
Sometimes they come back... but remember that the computer is more smarter then the first version of this game.

Author: Shockland
Bowler is a 3D bowling game with realistic physics and 3D effects! Choose the color of the ball to play with! Press left mouse button to set direction, power and angle! Get the best score in 10 rounds!

Author: Michal Sajban
  Hummer Football
Start the engine and play 3D football aboard your rumbling Hummer.

Author: Shockland
Try to take the balls outside the area but take the black ball at the end. You can only hit to the white ball otherwise it will be a faul.

Author: Shockland
  Snowboarding SX
Score the highest number of points by collecting stars, performing tricks or going quickly.

Author: Miniclip
  3D Quick Pool
Test your skills and accuracy on a small pool table. Pot all your balls into the holes in this challenging mini 3D pool game.

Author: FreeOnlineGames
  Beat The Wall
Test your fancy free kick skills in this online game. Bend free kicks over and around the wall to beat the other teams!

Author: ToteSport
Extreme machine is looking for a driver. Chose your machine between three available vehicles then challenge for some great goals.

Author: Nike
Play as a panda in this 3D fighting game. There are ten levels, the number of opponents will increase each level. Try to finish all levels.

Author: Shockland
  Foot Bowl
Use the mouse to set kick angle and keep "SPACEBAR" pressed to control the power. Use arrow keys to rotate the shoe so to give spin to the ball.

Author: Shockland
  Golf Master 3D
Putt your way through 18 unique courses in this classic golf game.

  Buggy Hockey
Play hockey by driving a Buggy and challenge opponents from other countries, you need scoring as many goals as you can to win the match.

Author: Shockland
  Against The Wall
You and your mate have decided to play a bit of footy in the street. Best of five penalties, loser has to pay the beer!

Author: Carling
  DaBomb Pong
Yo dude, you are gonna to play daBomb Pong. Be careful with bomb. If you miss a bomb you will be blown up.

  Streetball Snowdown
Play basketball in the streent and show your skills with this 3d basketball game.

Author: unknown
  Torch Runner
Get to the finish line as quickly as you can and with as much of your torch intact as possible. You'll incur a time penalty for percentage of the flame lost.

Author: Tamba