Online games and Licenses

Playing games online has been a favorite hobby for some since the invention of computers. Today online gaming has evolved into a new very lucrative industry. The market is wider and there’s online betting involved as well.

With the birth of tablets, and smart phones, there’s a huge demand for games more than ever before because now people spend more time on their gadgets and when they are bored, guess what’s the first thing they do. Play games.

Apps have taken over online games I must say, but a new industry was born, that of group gaming. One to one gaming where a whole group of people join gaming forums and they play against each other, sometimes even for years.

Online betting is also a massive industry and there’s hundreds of betting companies now, most of them located in Malta. If you want to learn more about how to get a gaming license in Malta, visit this website:

All different types of betting is available from horses, to soccer, to even what colour of dress is Kate Middleton going to wear for a certain event. Or what gender, if its a boy or a girl,  a famous actress is going to give birth to.

Unfortunately this industry is not all positives. People tend to become addicted to gaming, being betting and games, online and offline like play station and so on. We all heard stories where parents have left their kids hungry or even die because of their addiction to gaming.

There is therapy for that as well, like ever problem in life, there’s a solution to every problem. And where’s there’s money to be made, people make sure they will invent something to gain advantage of it.

Online Gaming

This will be the end of an article, an intro about online gaming in general. In the coming weeks we will talk more about specific games and crazy habits of gamers.

We will also discuss about how to play safe and protect your identity online. And how to say no for certain gaming opportunities, even jobs.

Some gaming companies pay big money for specific jobs like SEO specialists, web developers and content writers. BUT the jobs at betting companies can be very boring

so you might want to think twice about it. Perhaps you want to make great money for a few years then move on to something more interesting. Thats completely up to you.

Top 10 play station games

The New and Upgraded Play Station Console

The Sony Play station provides gamers with an experience beyond their wildest dreams. It contains the most technologically advanced computing power among next generation consoles while the Dual Shock controller provides tactile feedback to gameplay. The pre-installed hard disk drive HDD is one of the options that allows you to play at home, while online. The built-in blue-ray player of the unit enriches you with precision, quality and high definition. You can also upgrade the visual quality of existing DVDs by up to 1080p level. It’s always easy to upload music or view your personal pictures with the integral SD card and memory stick slots. Look online and go to websites the same way you would using your desktop or notebook. The Play station offers more than just an amazing gaming experience.

The Play station’s hard drive may not be as massive as the X-box elite’s 120Gb, but for the game playing purposes of most people, it is more than sufficient. Furthermore, it can always be supplemented with an external drive if need be later. I went with the Play station because of the cool look and because the dual purpose it serves with the integrated Blu-ray player, not to mention the completely free online gaming community.

Top 10 Up Coming Play Station Games of 2017

1)      Gravity Rush 2: An action advernture game where you get to control gravity using the amazing anime character called Vita.

2)      Resident Evil 7: This horror zombie killing game needs no introduction. Watch out for the latest release in 2017

3)      Yakuza 0: A brilliant RPG action game set in Tokyo, Japan.

4)      For Honor: A warrior-fighter game – Knights, Samurais and Vikings clash together in wars.

5)      Sniper Elite 4: Your dose of world war 2 Sniping shooter game.

6)      Lego Worlds: We all played with legos as kids, now you will be able to do the same on your Play station console.

7)      Horizon – Zero Dawn: A game where giant robots roam the earth. Much like dinosaurs.

8)      Ghost Recon: A brilliant action game where a team of armed men take out a cartel.

9)      Star Trek – Bridge Crew: We all have seen the star trek movies, you now get to do the same space adventures on your Play Station.

10)   Mass Effect – Andromeda: Another excellent RPG game.


The Play station offers game play that no other console can match. It offers a diverse entertainment experience all included in one unit: playing games, watching Blu-ray and DVD movies. I am experiencing games that I never imagined with the Play station! Gamers need to know that there are many services over the internet that they can use. Also many applications can be downloaded and you can play online games which are always fun.

The clearness and depth of movies, games, pictures, and just cruising the web in general is sometimes just amazing, truly difficult to fathom. This console is hard to put down once you start playing. I now much prefer browsing on Facebook or YouTube on a big screen via my Play station.  I think this is the most powerful console available on the market today. You definitely won’t be having second thoughts with this purchase.