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Run! They are determinated to kill you! Avoid enemy vehicles, your only chance to survive is to escape from your chasers by finding the escape way. Buy a new car and set it up for optimize its performance by clicking on the workbench. Buy top class accessories by getting much money by collecting $ bonuses along the way. Alternatively you can get some money by selling your car accessories, but beware, you won’t get all the money you spent to buy them. Click on clipboard on the wall for accessing the top scores list. Start running by clicking on the garage door, your mission is to find the escape way and surviving from the enemy cars. Collect fuel bonuses and repair bonuses along the way, follow the road sign hints to find the right path.

Author: Play Free Games
  Run For The Hills
The Hills have eyes. Find the exit way from the mine shaft, collect batteries to keep the flashlight going, blast the mutants to survive.

Author: The Hills Have Eyes
  Xeno Squad
Command a squad of marines in this 3D tactical battle game. Lead your troops in this strange 3D planet. Command them good so they will acomplish every mission.

Author: Ed \'Ryzed\' Ryzhov
  Heli Hell
Try to rescue all hostages and destroy the rest! This games features 3 helicopters, 6 levels, different weather types, stunning graphics.

  Risky Whisky
In this game you're a smuggler and you should deliver your moonshine as fast as possible.

Author: Silent Bay Studios
  Hostel part 1
Welcome to the killing floor - a place where, for a price, the sickest fantasies of tortune and killing are experienced, it is up to you to escape.

Author: Sony Pictures
  Hostel part 2
Welcome to the killing floor - a place where, for a price, the sickest fantasies of tortune and killing are experienced, it is up to you to escape.

Author: Sony Pictures
The Boogeyman is still waiting for you, get out of the house. Can you escape the Boogeyman? Don't play this game if you are at home alone ...

Author: Sony Pictures
  Downtown 1930s
Imagine you are in the 1930s and new to america. Create and drive your gang to the top. Fight for the streets. Drive around with your gang in the authentic cars.

  The Last Tube
Ever wondered what might lurk down those tunnels, when the gates are closed, the barriers locked, and the shutters come down?

Author: The Last Tube
  Stay in the Light
You have to stay in the light... trust me, it's better if you don't step into dark place.

Author: Sony Pictures
A point and click adventure game. It features original 3d animated background and psychedelics locations. It starts with just a mysterious cube on which you have to click onto...

Authors: robotJAM
  Find Your MyFaves
In this game you roll (you actually fold into a ball) around lookingfor your friends and once you find one, they join you to make a biggerball.

Author: T Mobile
  Funky Disco Zombies
This game is an action adventure game. You must destroy all the zombies, ghost and witches and help all the walking dead return to where they come from.

Author: matmi
  Street Dive
Explore the Streets and find the pools, the great you dive the higher your score. Pick up the frosties boxes for bonus points.

Author: Kelloggs
  3D Pyramid
Find the mysterious Laffy Taffy. Use arrow keys to move in mazes and space to jump. The pyramid has four levels you must complete.